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A Special Edition of the New-Look Kenya Guide known as the Governance & Leadership Souvenir Edition is being prepared to capture the extraordinary changes which are expected to take place immediately after the forthcoming elections scheduled for August this year. This Guide is the only publication in Kenya which provides the names of all leaders in various sectors of the Country as can be seen in The Audience list at the bottom of this page. And on August 8th, 2017 a very important chapter will be written in the history of Kenya – the rest tenure of the founding Governors of Kenya 47 counties will end.

Just like history was recorded when the founding father of this Nation Mzee Jomo Kenyatta and others ushered in a new Kenya in 1963, so will a similar chapter be written for the Founding Governors who pioneered the setting up of the 47 counties under the new government system introduced by Kenya’s new constitution 2010. It will also coincide with the new leadership, both at the County and National levels immediately after the general elections on August 8th, 2017.

The Jubilee National government will also go into the annals of Kenya history as the administration tasked with implementing this Nation’s 2010 constitution which is meant to transform this country into a prosperous, modern and democratic country.


It is for this reason that Express Communications Ltd, the leading alternative media rm in Kenya, is producing this Guide together with its online platform www.newlookkenya.com, to highlight the unprecedented changes expected immediately after the General election. This follows a similar Guide produced in 2013 which also captured the extra ordinary changes which took place immediately after the 2013 General Elections. The 2nd edition of that Guide is attached and this is the edition being updated to capture the many changes expected after the August 2017 General Elections.

Apart from highlighting key governance structures which make the two levels of government, Kenyans and visitors will be interested to get the names of all their leaders in one publication for easier and convenient reference.

This is the emerging high end clientele strategically placed to enhance business growth. Being a private sector initiative, the Guide has been made suciently business friendly so that the business community can use it to promote and expand their businesses. It will also guide the persons listed in it and those who will use it to know where to get their various requirements.
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